Another year comes to an end

This one is for those who are in the making. The ones whose struggle won’t end with the new year night, nor would they be awake wondering about the petty things and stupid emotions. They would be sleeping and be at peace with their dreams. The words are for them, who haven’t given up yet and are ready to take another step forward, without waiting for another day to start working on their dreams.
No advice beats this simple one, take the first step. I often wonder what is it, that makes it so simple and so strong at the same time. That’s the thing with simple words, you don’t know but they do the job of motivating you without leaving any doubts. They don’t come with “but”’s or room for excuses which can be plugged in to change the meaning. But we are highly fascinated by the insurance companies’ asterisk sign that we put one for ourselves over these simple motivators. Adding to it, we are even worse compared to the insurance companies, because we don’t specify the terms and conditions. We leave it and keep it flexible to suit our needs.
“I will take the first step from coming Monday…” *if it isn’t cold
“I will go the gym from the new year…” *if I get up in the morning
“I will write everyday from today…” *if I am not tired…
Then we live with the broken promises and add another layer of guilt over your delicate shoulders which haven’t been tested thoroughly yet. We wait for motivation to come and sit with us, have a drink, but by the time we enjoy our drink, it vanishes and we are left alone at the same spot, square one. Motivation comes and goes, no one is born with an unlimited dosage of it. In your moment of despair, when you least expect it, it will knock on your door, say to you, that, it’s time to leave the tears and start working.
It is that moment which comes from no where and gives you a choice whether or not to make a decision. If we wait, we are screwed, if we don’t we might stand a chance. But that moment defines who you really are. Once you decide, you have taken the first step and there you have crossed the bridge from being on the negative side to the positive one.
If you wait for it the next day, to come and wake you up like an alarm, you have lost the game, even before you place your bets. There is no spoon feeding anymore. It woke you up once, now it’s your turn to use your self-discipline and persistence to continue it day after day, till the actions become part of your instinctive behaviour. You won’t feel the pain of the struggle anymore instead you will enjoy that thing and miss it if you miss it. That will be the day when you have turned your dream into a possibility.
Matured ones know that anything worth achieving or living for won’t come easy, it will come with immense resistance and will require efforts beyond our current potential. They won’t wait for motivation, and they don’t try to control things which are not in their control, instead they will work on their self-discipline and become consistent with their skills, keep on improving them, because they know when the bell rings, they will be prepared to run the long mile…
And now I will quote something from someone which will influence you more than all my words above.
Maturity comes with experience, not age

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