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Realizations from 2016

Year end invokes a lot of emotions in everyone and I am no different. This time of the year I sit back in my bed and just go back month by month trying to pen down all the things that happened, the good and the bad, which left an impact on me, and more importantly how will I remember this year when I am old.
This year was big in terms of learnings, people events as well as life decisions. I left my first job at Morgan Stanley. Ended my long running job hunt. Got a new job in Manchester. Did go through some hospital time during the Visa process. 3–4 months of nothingness between job switch time. Moved to United Kingdom. A close friend got married at 23. Learned to cook chapatis and many other small things. Here goes the list; Know what matters and what shouldn’t bother you but it does… Silly things like maid didn’t come, your courier didn’t arrive on time, your bank account creation or transaction took more time than what you expected etc. bothers us when they are running in the back …

Another year comes to an end

This one is for those who are in the making. The ones whose struggle won’t end with the new year night, nor would they be awake wondering about the petty things and stupid emotions. They would be sleeping and be at peace with their dreams. The words are for them, who haven’t given up yet and are ready to take another step forward, without waiting for another day to start working on their dreams. No advice beats this simple one, take the first step. I often wonder what is it, that makes it so simple and so strong at the same time. That’s the thing with simple words, you don’t know but they do the job of motivating you without leaving any doubts. They don’t come with “but”’s or room for excuses which can be plugged in to change the meaning. But we are highly fascinated by the insurance companies’ asterisk sign that we put one for ourselves over these simple motivators. Adding to it, we are even worse compared to the insurance companies, because we don’t specify the terms and conditions…