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It took me a while but I got there

It is tough to speak truth all the time. I try too, but I end up lying more often than I desire. Truth is more about fuckups and less about morals, I often resist speaking about the whole truth just because I don’t think the other person will understand my situation or the reason why I acted the way I did and will wrongly judge me or other fears which my mind spawns up for me. I believed that I am indifferent to the judgement — people have about me, but as it turns out, when I am placed in an unknown place full of strangers, those fears come out and haunt me. The truth simply put would be like, I thought these traits didn’t existed, I was immune from them, but they were there all along, they were just buried deep down and now they are alive again. I am happy they are back, as I can resolve them this time and not leave them unattended. The happiness comes from this fear of living with the negative ailments in me. Now, wouldn’t you agree with me, that it is difficult to explain this ki…