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Take your time

Originally published here . I know you are scared. I know you think time is running out and you still don’t have your life figured out. I know a lot has changed around you, which scares you even more. I know you are afraid to commit to something and regret later. I know your friends have started to love their jobs but you haven’t. You still want something better, you are not ready to settle for anything less. Its just the time which is freaking you out, you don’t want to give in yet, but you are afraid you will have to in some time. You are starting to loose the confidence, I know. You are starting to doubt your dreams, I know. You thought you were different than most, but now you feel you aren’t, I know. Your parents don’t expect more from you, but you want more from your life, I know. You are not ready to surrender when their is still some air left in your lungs, I know. You believed your path was right, but it is just taking more time, I know. You are not able to give your hun

The Lost Battle

Originally published here . He was a warrior with no shields or armour, His fight was not of blood or honour, He had no enemy, but still he fought every single day His friends couldn’t be of any help, nor could be his family For what he was seeking, was not out of reach, nor was it waiting next door Time was not on his side, nor were his thoughts For what was worth his while, he was afraid to decide, to give in or to let go Time ran out, and his life went by, but he couldn’t choose a path Later in his wheel chair looking at the sky, He said to himself, with eyes filled with tears, I didn’t win the battle of my life, nor did I loose the battle of my life I am still fighting the lost battle with myself, I am the enemy I could never defeat ... Please sign up on my private mailing list by clicking  here , if you want to hear from me more often and be the first one to know in case I write something or read something awesome.