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Just another day, he said to everyone who called

Originally published here . The conversation which happens on a birthday phone call is pretty standard I guess. Here is how it went this year for me.. They wish happy bday; I say thank you; They ask about my plans, where am I partying?; I say nothing, no plans, just another day at office. Then they say one or the other thing to make me sad, for instance, how sad are you, you have become an old man, like an uncle, 24 you have reached the age of getting married, why have you gone to office, you should have taken a leave and the list goes on. But for some certain reason I was completely immune to the taunting comments which were meant to be funny. The reason might lie in the fact that I am happy the way it is. Just like any other day. I always liked the idea of birthday being just another day, but as far as I remember it has never been simple for me, last year I was on a trip to Abu with my parents and before that in Aamby Valley, Lonavala with my friends. Maybe I crave for chan