Realizations from 2015

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Reading life lessons, listening to life stories of experienced people or watching motivational videos fall under the category of weak or temporary motivation for me. On the other hand realizing the importance of little moments, which you experience in life yourself come under strong or permanent motivation. And I believe the latter is the only way to become a self-motivated individual and gain some self-sustaining confidence. Here goes my list of realizations from the past year.
Taking breaks is a must for your brain to be at its peak.
I used to be an asshole who used to stick to a problem, just satisfying my ego of not getting up or not eating anything till I get it solved. It got me nowhere, give some fresh air to your brain and see how quickly it solves the problem once you return from your break.
Ask for criticism, not for appreciation.
People appreciate to keep you motivated and help you keep doing what you are doing. Find people who care for you to improve and work on any criticism you get.
Learning something or developing a skill isn’t dependent on the place you are or what company you work for.
I used to think that place you are at, the people you are with are absolutely essential to help me grow. It turned out they can simulate or push you, but in the end, it boils down to only you, your attitude towards learning and your dedication.
Habits will keep you going when you loose all your hope.
Getting rid of your bad habits and developing new habits takes time, but trust me the time you invest will be worth it. Start with something very small as learning one new word every day or doing 2 pushups every day.
It is your own responsibility to keep your brain active.
Read books, play chess, solve crosswords, memorize tables, observe people, you decide, but ensure your brain has something to work on every now and then.
Have your own opinion even though it is biased or wrong.
In lots of situations, I used to hear people express their opinion, as I didn’t have my own. I went back researched on the topic, discussed with my friends and some other fine day, I had my own opinion. It still had flaws but it was my own and I had my rationale and reasoning to believe them.
There is no hurry, no need to burn out. You will reach where you want, get what you want or achieve fame, success, or money if you remove “Time is less” thoughts from your brain.
To refute someone at an argument, it is necessary to first listen to what they have got to say, then appreciate them at what they were right, and then once they are calm, pin-point the place where you disagree, and then present your own version of the argument.
Being a nobody is the best state one can be in. Enjoy it and do what you like without expecting it be good or classy. Create stupid things, imagine future of the world, live your alternate reality life, because the day you turn somebody you won’t have this privilege anymore.
Success, fame and money are nice to have but are not must to have to live a good life. On the other hand, friends, family and loved ones are must to have to live a life in true sense.
Failure isn’t as easy as it looks. You need to give your 100% to become a failure too. Most people don’t know this because the fear of failure stopped them from giving their full effort in the first place.
Goals aren’t dreams. Goals are small steps towards your dream. Dream is something you imagine, which you know is difficult to get, but still believe that one day you will ensure it turns into reality and for that to happen you list down your goals and work day after day, year after year and don’t stop until you make it.
And I would end with a beautiful line from Letters of NoteAnd don’t worry about losing. If it is right, it happens — The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away.


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