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It's never mutual

Originally published here . Love is a beautiful thing which happens to some people who are lucky. Love doesn’t come and go, once it comes in your life, it never leaves. Love isn’t for the weak-hearted who don’t want pain in their lives. Love is an addiction which makes life worth living. Love is for the people who care, it is for the ones who would love even after they leave, it is for those who liked being in love, and it is for those who deep down in their hearts know that there is no turning back, that they are doomed and they won’t be the same again without them and they can’t hate them for any reason possible. I have never been a believer of the notion that love can happen in a moment or in a day. Love demands lots of time, adjustments and commitments. Love develops over time when you get to know the other person more and more. Once you think you know all about the person, like their shitty past, imaginative dreams and fantasies, their beliefs, their passions, their fears, t

Realizations from 2015

Originally posted here . Reading life lessons, listening to life stories of experienced people or watching motivational videos fall under the category of weak or temporary motivation for me. On the other hand realizing the importance of little moments, which you experience in life yourself come under strong or permanent motivation. And I believe the latter is the only way to become a self-motivated individual and gain some self-sustaining confidence. Here goes my list of realizations from the past year. Taking breaks is a must for your brain to be at its peak. I used to be an asshole who used to stick to a problem, just satisfying my ego of not getting up or not eating anything till I get it solved. It got me nowhere, give some fresh air to your brain and see how quickly it solves the problem once you return from your break. Ask for criticism, not for appreciation. People appreciate to keep you motivated and help you keep doing what you are doing. Find people who care for y