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Not by choice

Originally published here . He gets up in the morning, takes a deep breath, opens his eyes and allows the light from the sun to enter his body. With a little smile on his face, he looks at himself in the mirror and starts to brush his teeth. His phone rings, he wonders who is calling at this early hour, and he fetches his phone to pick up the call. Seeing the time on his phone, he realizes that he is late for the office cab and the driver is calling for the same. He tries to hurry up, takes a shower but can’t make it in time to the cab. Reaching office an hour late gives him a feeling of guilt, he quickly settles on his desk without glancing at people around him. He decides to skip the breakfast as he had already wasted his initial work hours of the day and didn’t want to be in bad books of his manager with his appraisal coming around. Quickly preparing himself a cup of coffee he begins his day. Checking his mail, he comes to know that the application was down the entire weeken

A letter from me in the Present to me in the Past

Originally published  here . Past . . . . I have a decision to make, but I don’t know which rules to follow? I have heard a lot of voices, my friends, my family and the people I admire. They all have the same intent, which is to help me, but with a different perspective. I am stuck, I am scared and I am beginning to loose something I value the most, my self confidence. I write to you to complete the above lines for me…….. Before you begin I would ask you for a favor to make it a story and not some logical philosophy which I am too tired to comprehend. Present . . . . I don’t write stories, now how I am suppose to help. I am very confused right now, how will I write a story and also give him the advice he is seeking. I will do it later. Sounds like someone can relate to my state. Let me give it a try, worse that can happen is  I will make a fool out of myself. Two old men with terminal cancer were resting on their hospital beds, one was Cole and other