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The Age of Habits

Originally posted here . First comes innocence, then comes adolescence and then comes youth. We never care much about the age which comes after youth because we have made ourselves believe that there can be nothing better than the time you are young. Rest of phases which comes next are not given the love they deserve, they are merely compared to youth and overlooked and never lived with your heart and mind. Straight out of college, I believed now is the age of chasing your dreams. I had the focus and right attitude required for my dreams, but what I also had, was the backlog of habits which I developed in college. I overlooked that backlog for a long time before realizing that I can’t even start chasing my next goal if I don’t clear the backlog before it. Some of us never realize this nor are ready to accept them as backlog. Some consider themselves lucky as they don’t think they have any backlog, but I don’t come in that category because I lived my college life neither as a scho

The struggle that never ends

Originally published here . I don’t struggle to earn a living, it comes easy to me, unlike my parents. I don’t have any dependents on me, who won’t survive if I don’t have a job. I am not forced to do a job, I took it by choice and not under fear of being unemployed. I write code for a living, Computer Science was my engineering major, so I am fortunately doing a job in the same field, i.e. computers, unlike an electrical engineer who works in the Sales Division without making any use of his education. I am also not a hyped engineer who didn't want to be an engineer and was forced by parents or community in the first place, I wanted to become one and I do love technology to its core. Now let me tell you how do I struggle and why my life is not all roses and cakes. The struggle is to watch the changes happening around and still being calm and happy. The struggle is to do a job without thinking I hate it, like everyone around says. The struggle is to accept the fact that life