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A wonderful date with myself.

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A wonderful date with myself. I was on my way back home from office, but something was different today, it was not the same as everyday. There was a cheerful smile on my face which was not going away, it was the smile which comes after you do an honest job during the day. You are tired after working hard, still there is an inner satisfaction which is making you happy. The happiness of meeting my own expectations makes me proud of myself. I am not making any one else proud, not my parents, not my friends, not my firm where I work, its for me and me only. Finally I reach home, I observe the lights are off from the window, I realize my friends are not home. I open the door with the key placed under the doormat, switch on the lights and put down the bag from my shoulders. It would have been fair for me to let the laziness take over me, allow loneliness to lay its shadow on my smiling face and take away my happiness. It is always easy to miss friends, order somethin…