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Getting my shit together!

Its been a while now, I don't even remember the last time I was happy without things bugging in my head. I have a lot to say write express but I haven't done it from quite a long time now. The thought that I might have to give up the dream of becoming a writer also pumped in with other thoughts flooding around in my head. Its not easy to keep going, to keep dreaming and start working towards them, but there is no other way to live this life that I can see. I can't live like those people who get up without a will to live for the day, I don't want to start my day high on a chemical which stops my mind from thinking logically and I hate seeing people not doing justice with their life. There is a lot of shit going around in my head, which is stopping me to move on, to enjoy life now and organizing them or stopping them isn't a possible solution. So I am just going to go random from one stupid point in my head to other and try to clear as much shit as possible.

The loa…