A Quiet Saturday Morning

Mumbai or New York, everyone is running after something. Something varies from person to person and time to time. No one has the time to enjoy the sunshine falling on their shoulders or the free birds flying in the sky. That's what life does to you for 5 days a week, and gives you a buffer of 2 days to take things slowly.

Saturday morning is the only time when you will find Mumbai at peace. No one is in hurry, roads are not over occupied with vehicles and you can cross roads without looking at the green signal to walk. No queues to buy anything, no fear to loose your wallet or mobiles. You have plenty of time to have a tea and gaze at the dustbin observing movements of crows, cats and dogs who are eating from left overs without fighting with each other, even they are at peace. Walking alone, with these things in my mind, made me happy and cheerful. Feeling these small little things, getting out of the air conditioned offices and refueling yourself back to struggle is the journey I have boarded.

When I am at peace, I start thinking, introspecting and questioning my decisions, so here I go again..

The only difference between a robot and a human is we feel. Having said that we need a break once in every 5 days to work like a robot again, that's why we have the concept of weekends. Being in college I didn't realize it's importance, there we used to be rulers of our life, and we could turn any normal day into a weekend on our whim. That's not the case anymore, we are tied by pieces of paper called contract, which enforces us to live by their rules. Its as simple as they are paying us for our time as we don't know what to do with our time ourselves, and so in order to earn money for the life we want to live, we join the industry. As we have given them our time, all we produce in that time is owned by them and not by us, all we can get by this phase is knowledge and experience. That's what really matters doesn't it?

This is a temporary phase till we figure out what to do with our time that makes us happy, gives us success and not at the cost of our freedom. Pretty good deal for me, getting paid to learn and improve, till I know what I want to do.

Dreams look far fetched now. Goals are not the same as college, time frame has changed, in college time to achieve something or do something worth while was months, but now its years. Trial and error strategy to make decisions could prove fatal now as we need to invest a lot of time to actually do something, so more time is being spent in analyzing  pros and cons of a particular decision. Confusion is here to stay, and taking a leap of faith is the only option in the end.

A lot of dreams die at the death bed of monthly salary addiction. Struggle is to keep the hope alive, still believe that feel of achieving the dream is worth the effort always and doing some things for yourself will give you more happiness than doing many things for others. Everyone has a breaking point where you loose hope, decide to settle and stop following your dream anymore. The key to beat this default risk is to take an actual risk and change things when you feel that frustration has crossed over your head.

Time is the change which can't be stopped, so live the life before time stops changing for you.    


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