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A Quiet Saturday Morning

Mumbai or New York, everyone is running after something. Something varies from person to person and time to time. No one has the time to enjoy the sunshine falling on their shoulders or the free birds flying in the sky. That's what life does to you for 5 days a week, and gives you a buffer of 2 days to take things slowly.

Saturday morning is the only time when you will find Mumbai at peace. No one is in hurry, roads are not over occupied with vehicles and you can cross roads without looking at the green signal to walk. No queues to buy anything, no fear to loose your wallet or mobiles. You have plenty of time to have a tea and gaze at the dustbin observing movements of crows, cats and dogs who are eating from left overs without fighting with each other, even they are at peace. Walking alone, with these things in my mind, made me happy and cheerful. Feeling these small little things, getting out of the air conditioned offices and refueling yourself back to struggle is the journey …