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A letter to my Mom

Hi Maa, How are you? I know you don't like it without me, I know you don't like it when you don't see me around, I know you feel lonely when you don't cook food for me and I know you don't like it this way, everything going by so fast and your kids growing up so quickly. Still I expect you to be happy, I am a fool right, and I dare ask you, how are you when I know how you live each day by yourself without your kids. You use to carry me on your back and make food for the family, you use to wait for me everyday after I returned from school and you use to make me eat food with your own hands even though grandma used to scold you for doing so. I know its not easy when everyone asks you to be strong and let your kids go away and let them make their career. Time passes by pretty quickly, and you know what is known to be the best time, when you don't know when the time passed by. 21 years passed by so quickly sleeping in your lap mother. I still remember the days