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Relax Kid

What we want from our life is a question which is not easy to answer. Some times you think you know the answer to it, but the next moment you realize that you were wrong. There are certain main stream answers to this question like live each moment, don't plan for the future and everything will turn out to be good, does this actually happen except for a handful of people who were lucky enough that their random choice gifted them the taste of success. Other main stream things which we do, is we make ourselves happy with what we get, and then its easy to say, that yeah life turned out to be good, some way or the other. I often ask myself, which among the two paths will give me more happiness, the planned destination or an unplanned one, but I still don't have a clear cut answer to this simple question. I am not the hater of main stream notions, but I don't wish to follow them even, if I don't want to.
Let me argue both sides of the it, with the thoughts that have flooded…