This too shall pass....Leaving with a smile :)

Everything passes, whether it is good or bad it passes, and so does my college life. The memory of the first day of my college i.e. 19th July 2010 is so fresh in my mind that I am not able to believe that 3.5 years passed by so fast. This post should have been completed many days back, but at that time I was more sentimental and emotional than I had ever been in my life, and so I was not in a condition to express my emotions and feelings. But today, that has also passed and so have my emotions, they have vanished and I have accepted my defeat against time. I can't stop it from moving ahead, I can't ask it to freeze because I am loving it now, I can't and no one else has ever been able to. Time drags us with itself, whether we want to or not, and that's the best part, sometimes we think we have a choice but actually we don't. We can yell at this nature of time but it helps us to get over our miseries even, so everything has its pros and cons. This blog is not to discuss after life possibility philosophically or why should we fear death questions, instead lets keep it simple, we live and we die, its all we do between these two events that actually matter and nothing else.

I learned how to live life here and would like to share my lessons learned in this post. College ki Yaadein will be covered in another post!

When I entered college, I didn't know what I was expecting from it, I didn't know if I will survive 4 years years, I didn't know what were my goals and ambitions, some said "CPI is what counts", some said "A good placement is all that matters", some said "bas 4 ache dost bana le then college life is successful", some said "Ek girl friend bana le fir life set hai", some said "Work is worship" and all agreed to "sab moh maya hai". Keeping all this in my mind I had to decide something for myself.

I did learn to try, explore and fail for myself instead of trusting others' opinion. It's really important to find ourselves during our life, what we like, what we are and what bring us happiness. On the basis of my observations, I reached to some conclusion that the real problem with people is that they don't know what brings them happiness. Everyone is after something, some after fame, some after money and they even know that it is not going to give them happiness but they are after it. Finally they end up being sad and then searching the reason why they are not happy. Every individual gets happiness from different things, and only way is to find for ourselves what makes us happy. Try for yourself, fail for yourself and then decide for yourself.

I did learn to work smart along with working hard. Don't study 3 days for exams with half the concentration and direction, instead study 5 hrs for the exam with full concentration gives better results.
The memory of first exam in college, where we just did 6 sums, all night, in a room, 6 friends and then scored good marks and left first from the room. My score was among the toppers in that exam, I didn't gave it a lot of time like other scholars, but I did study smart and made my way through it.

I did learn to interact and ask stupid questions. Some people don't know this, but I was an introvert in my school days but today I can talk with an stranger, it doesn't fear me like before. Its always easy to sit quiet and say later that I didn't understand. But its difficult to ask stupid questions simply and get your doubts cleared there and then. Its okay to tell the professor or the explain-er that you were lost in some other thought so can you please explain it again. I did this because I always wanted to learn something out of the 60 minutes I invest for a lecture, adding to it, my silly questions made people laugh, and everyone noticed that I am part of the class. I can't forget sitting in the last bench and asking questions.

I did learn to listen to people. My grandfather always told me to listen more and speak less, but it took me a great deal of time to understand the importance of it. We always have a habit of cutting others from making their point, and presenting our point, which may have been the same thing which they were saying. We all do this, don't we? Friends apart, they have the right to do this :) never take them seriously, there sole aim is to irritate you or tease you or make others laugh and have some fun.

Friends irritating me, teasing me, scolding me made me learn to be calm and not loose my cool. I did learn to control my anger but still a long way to go.

I did learn to take criticism positively and improved from them, and learned to differentiate between false praises and compliment.

I did learn to reason when needed and not be emotional all the time. I love emotions and sentiments, I have been very sensitive to other people feelings, but its okay to let it go sometimes when you can't do anything about it. Emotions are good for some time, but it shouldn't constrain your life from moving forward.

I did learn to be happy when life was stressful :) I never liked being idle, I get a feeling of guilt when I don't do anything and just sit idle for few days. On the other hand I love stress, I like sleeping 2-3 hrs some days, and work all the time. After doing all the stressful work I love to sleep and that brings me great joy.

I did learn to find happiness in small little things :) Saying sorry to a friend can give you immense happiness which other achievements can't. Watching the same movie with friends and looking at each other on the same scene is something which can't be forgotten.  

I did find my obsession to write novels, articles, blogs, philosophy and code :) 
Its really important to find your obsession and give time to it, find it soon, else you will not get enough time to pursue it in your life time. Once you find it, you will care less about the world/people and live for yourself and not them.

I did learn to find good in people. It's easy to find faults in anyone, its useless to gossip about other people actions, its better to accept them as they are and find good in everyone you meet :)

These all important lessons came from incidents in my college life. My all lessons are work of my friends, family, professors and colleges. I have to leave them all and start a new phase of my life. I can't stop this from happening and so I am leaving with a smile :)


Awesome post. Truely inspiring. I could resist to re-read it. I liked it so very much !!

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