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A "Different" Life

I have been living a new life since the past 2 weeks now. My new life can be best described by this sentence, "Different but still all the same". Its difficult to describe how one feels in a new city, but I will give it a try and make an effort to reach all the people who have begun a new life at some point in their lives. Past has been good, but its gone now, and I am on my way to build some new past. The first few days, when we walk alone, when we look here and there, we observe people, we try to find small things that can make us smile, we find people to whom we can give some happiness, but we don't find this to be easy. I, you, we all like to be alone when we look at loneliness from a distance, but we realize it later that it was better to look at it from a distance only. We crave to be alone when we are with friends and family, we take them for granted and don't realize their importance. Just ask yourself, haven't you been angry now and then on your par

This too shall pass....Leaving with a smile :)

Everything passes, whether it is good or bad it passes, and so does my college life. The memory of the first day of my college i.e. 19th July 2010 is so fresh in my mind that I am not able to believe that 3.5 years passed by so fast. This post should have been completed many days back, but at that time I was more sentimental and emotional than I had ever been in my life, and so I was not in a condition to express my emotions and feelings. But today, that has also passed and so have my emotions, they have vanished and I have accepted my defeat against time. I can't stop it from moving ahead, I can't ask it to freeze because I am loving it now, I can't and no one else has ever been able to. Time drags us with itself, whether we want to or not, and that's the best part, sometimes we think we have a choice but actually we don't. We can yell at this nature of time but it helps us to get over our miseries even, so everything has its pros and cons. This blog is not to di