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Fear of Mediocrity

The day we are born, we don’t know what we want to make of our lives. As we live, we learn about life, we start dreaming and we start understanding our passion and interests. Every kid including me wants to do something extraordinary with their lives. As a kid I always wanted to be a cricketer and I am pretty sure many others like me shared the same dream. The death of this dream was obvious, parents found it impractical, they wanted me to focus on important things like studying and make a scholar out of me. They knew I was not matured enough to take this decision, and so they were right in forcing their decision on me. I always wanted to know is there an age for dreams, is it a necessary condition for us to mature in order to follow our dreams.   Is this the place where dreams go to die? Would my life have been extraordinary if I had taken the risk of becoming a cricketer or would I have ended in a pure failure? The fear I felt then and even today is the same. The fear of mediocrity. …