This post is about the silence which you feel when you don't get the very thing you always wanted, it is about the silence which prevails when you get rejected by the event you really worked hard for, it is about the pain you feel when you can't prove your self, it is about the tears you get when you don't even get what you least expected, it is about the time when you can't trust yourself, it is about the journey you think was coming to an end and it leaves you to the very spot where you started, it is about the thought when you think life is not worth living, it is about the loneliness you fell even though you have all your loved ones with you, it is about the silence which prevails in your mind thereafter.........

We normal folks don't expect a lot from our lives, but we expect some small things and we even work hard to get them, to turn them into reality. We train ourselves for the worst, but still it's actually quite different when the silence arrives and leaves us with nothing but loneliness. This is the time when no words can help, nor any quotation, nor any song, it may give you a minute's calmness, but will not erase the silence........

We find it difficult to accept the failure because it comes with a price tag from society. Society sticks the silence with us and assume themselves that we need sympathy, but we don't. Society will even make us remember the silence from the past and make us more miserable by their own depressing examples. We are here to make our lives the way we want, and we are pretty sure we don't want their past involved in our future.  

I always believe "Past is the enemy for the better future". Good past makes us nervous for the better and an improved future, and on the other hand bad past makes us sick and low that it's going to be repeated. So is there any use of remembering the past, maybe it helps some, but does it really change your thinking? Silence makes us remember the past, and it ensures that we stay in the nostalgia and take time to come back. But do you want it to do that to you? Choice is yours!

Coming to the choices and decisions we make from the available ones. I love this beautiful line from Harry Potter, "One choice will be easy and other will be right". We always happen to fall for the easy one and make compromises with our lives. I pity the one who does that. We have one life, failures are there to come and make us realize that it's not for you, but it's up to us to stand back to it and say with head held high that fail me till you can, it will make me stronger and I will come back again.

The silence is sometimes strong enough to depress us to the extent that we don't think ourselves capable to make the choices for ourselves. It makes us weak enough that we doubt our own judgement, and our own capabilities and self confidence. But is anything worth giving up our self confidence and courage, aren't those the only 2 things which we don't owe to anyone, and are only ours by birth. Then why give them away for a stupid exam, a stupid interview or a stupid girl? Are they even worth giving away our mood? Why should we? But some people find it difficult enough to overcome this silence and look forward to life. I feel worse when I hear any one even thinking of giving away their lives, for such a small thing. I certainly can't help everyone, but readers should help those who they can and spread the word.
Giving up is always the easy choice, and not the right one. So always take the right one, whether or not you think you are capable of pursuing the same. I would like to end the silence of the silence by another inspiring quote from Harry Potter.


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