Making Peace and Letting it Go....

Experiencing Peace is one of the best feeling one can experience and it's hard to describe it in words but I would like to give it a try in this post. I have been telling everyone that my life is at peace, but couldn't express myself completely while explaining why it is at peace, so I would like to describe the journey to my peace of mind here and what it actually is.

College is a place where we experience all sorts of feeling that could be written on a piece of paper, and I am glad that I experienced peace here. It takes time to reach peace of mind when you have a lot of things going on in your life. Real challenge is not in going away from the society and experiencing peace which is forced on us by the solitude of nature, but being in the society, living it in all aspects, struggling through it and being at peace while being active in the society. I would like to note that the peace also comes when we are in hands of nature. But here I would like to stress on the fact that, natural peace is easy, but peace while being in society is something better. It's surely different as peace when you look at a mountain, can not be compared with the peace which you feel when you look yourself in the mirror.

College coming to an end surely makes everyone sentimental, but experiencing last days in peace is something you don't want to miss. Wrapping up all the college moments, is far away from the scope of this post, all I want to describe here is what leads to peace and why we are away from peace.

Peace comes from within, when you take things lightly, when you don't care much about anything, but your time, your happiness and your sleep. By anything, here I mean everyone, your friends, your family, your special someones, your enemies, and all you can think of. We are already irritated with the amount of things we are suppose to do in day, on top of that, we face unexpected actions performed by our closed ones, which makes us angry and then sad. We often are victims of unexpected actions, and we loose our peace and make ourselves sad based on their performed action. Before making ourselves sad, we often loose anger and shout on them for performing actions which we didn't expect. Or we make them feel guilty later, which doesn't bring any good to you or them. I am kind of person who doesn't loose anger often, but when I do, I make sure the other person knows that they did something which hurt me. But I am confessing that anger is never worth loosing your peace and your happy mood.

Now it might come to your thought that having no expectations is the solution, but you have got it wrong when you think that, because if you can do that you would be an ideal human and it generally never happens. So don't stop expecting, but do expect, but let it go when it doesn't come true. Don't force your expectations on others action. They have the sole right to perform their action on their will and not think about our expectation.You can go other way and tell them before hand about what you expect, but it won't make any difference, as situations make people do things which they don't want to do and we in turn get hurt. So letting it go, it should always be the best choice.

Peace comes when you "let everything go"..........

Accepting people as they are is another key to peace. We often expect good people, friends, closed ones to act in our favor, for our happiness, but that's the wrong thing to do. They should do what they feel right, whether or not we like it. We don't accept the fact that people might change with time, with weird situations, with tragedies in their life, with our actions. We don't accept and keep expecting them to act the same, and always be good to us and do all we expect. This is where we loose it, and it takes time to accept such things. But the sooner we accept, the sooner we will be at peace.

"Accepting people and things as they are" leads to Peace...........

Trust me, nothing is worth loosing one's mind. I did come to this conclusion after a long time, and you can do the same, and you will realize when you will experience peace.

After you once feel the happiness of life being at peace, I am sure you will let everything go and accept whatever action anyone performs. You will not be bothered by anything, any action they do, some people might start hating you for your coolness towards things and life. But this is not hate, it's envy, they are jealous that how can you not get angry and always be so cool. Sooner or later they will love you for who you are and start accepting you.

This is what I mean by peace, and isn't it logical? We definitely can't go inside someone's brain and make them work according to our expectations, and do you want to do that even if you can...I don't and I am sure you also don't want to do such a sin....:)

So how do you realize that you are at peace? You will know that and you will cherish it. For trying that is it actually at peace, try this....experience something which makes you angry or irritated, and if you can let it go without any effects on your thoughts and actions then you are at peace....

How I realized it? I started saying "Koi baat nai..." to me and others on a lot of occasions when something shitty happened. Sooner the day came when I could say this for every damn thing that comes in my way and get away with it with a smile :)  Be calm and life will be at peace :)

P.S. "Fight Club" movie was my inspiration to express peace :)


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