Guilty of using the Guilt

I did wrote a blog on my procrastinated lazy life few days back named "Maybe Tomorrow". This post is about the climax of my lazy days. Especially I wish to describe the motivation behind getting back to my life - Guilt.

I was declared guilty of being a lazy person and not doing what was expected out of me by me. I could have lived with the guilt and remained the same, but guilt is not a good feeling and it increases exponentially with time.

Guilt of not utilizing the opportunity I have got, guilt of not giving my 100 percent, guilt of not respecting the work any body does, guilt of wasting time, guilt of living a life I don't like, guilt of failing without trying, guilt of giving up, and many more, a guilty mind doesn't stop, it increases and this was the emotion because of which I am able to live a life I want and enjoy every bit of it.

I code the project I am assigned, I read about the research topic I am interested in, I devote some time to prepare for my coming placement interviews, I read the book I love, I even read articles but now I am able to stop when I want and also accomplish some of my pending projects.


Sound of the world guilt brings negative thoughts in mind, but today I learned to use the negative side of an emotion for a positive cause.

I am Guilty of using Guilt to motivate myself and bring me back to life. Maybe you could use your guilt in a similar way. Do comment with your story of guilt :)


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