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Guilty of using the Guilt


Maybe Tomorrow

This blog is about a strange phenomena which has taken over my life and I have not been able to get out of it. It is something which I have never felt before, it is something which scares the hell out of me, it is something which I haven't been able to find a solution to for a long time, it is something which I don't know.

Let me first give you some context to my life. I have been a hard worker and have achieved all things with perseverance, have got no exceptional talents or gifts, so it's the only thing which I do and this make my life worth living. Working hard gives me satisfaction; which gives me happiness and in turn gives me realization that I did something worth doing. Working hard and doing something not useful doesn't matter to me, but not working hard and getting results does make me less happier. The best feeling is when I get rewards after I have worked hard for it. It doesn't happen that often but it does and that's what I live for.

You can see …