I love - 'Community'

Friends, Two and Half Men and How I met your mother are some of the famous series which all of us are fond of. They are really nice and gives us a sense of joy. Along with these, there are a lot of other series which are equally good but not that famous. Community is one of them and I got to know about it from a Quora post which was ''What are some not so famous TV series that you like?''

I am glad I read this post and decided to watch Community. I would like to make an effort to increase Community viewers and give some notions why I love the series.

First of all, I love a lot of series of which Big Bang Theory has a special place in my heart as it was the first series I ever watched. All series have some unique concepts which makes them special. Even Community has some of them and it worked for me. You may not like, but some of you may.

Community is about emotions, it will remind you of small things that we used to do in school, how we used to study together, how we used to make 'chikchoks' from paper, how we used to irritate our friends, how we used to be scared to leave our friends and go to the new world.

Community is about fights between friends, how things work out and how they get back together. Community is about friendship, and makes us realize the importance of friendship which we may have forgotten in this busy and competitive world.  

Community makes you realize how important life is and it's okay to screw up, it's okay to fail, life isn't over yet, and we can still be happy.

Community has decent jokes and doesn't make you laugh all the time. It gives you a complete doze of emotion, friendship, fun and applied philosophical principles. It is not addictive and you can view it at your own free time and feel good after each episode.  

Community is about a college which has students of any age group. They are some kind of losers who couldn't get their degree due to some reasons. This makes them realistic about their lives. The characters are really awesome. There is also a blonde and some good looking girls which makes show even more interesting.

Okay let's not tell you more. It's a must watch for senti people, and who looks for more emotions. It will not make you feel jealous or envious like other series. Adding to it, you may even feel good that your life is much better than theirs.   


always_genial said…
you will definitely cry on farewell or the last day of college!!!!!!

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