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Comparing is a Curse

A kid goes to his friend's place, sees a toy which he doesn't have, comes back home and feels unhappy that he doesn't have what his friend have. Now, there is no way to make him happy with the toys he already have, the only way out is to get him a new toy so he can show that to his friend or at least get him the same toy.

As a kid this feeling of comparison is not fatal, but as we grow up it will turn to be. The idea of comparison is natural and can't be ignored, but we need to have a different way to look at it; if we want to survive in this world and be happy. The idea of comparison is not going to vanish or be removed from the world, but we can at least train ourselves and build an immunity which will fight against the injection of 'Virus of Comparison'.

Comparison is not bad, but the way it is perceived by us and the community is not correct. It is the effect of comparison that matters and we are here to learn to fight it. Our childhood ends with 2.5 years…

Bucket List with Grandpa

We know how lives of our grandparents passes during their ending days. We know how they are being criticized by our parents for some reasons. We know how they chant God's name all through the day. We know how badly they want some one to hear to what they want to say. We know how great they have been and what all they must have gone through after we face the problems ourselves. I realized this long time back and have always respected them since then. I look at them and feel scared that would I be able to be like them when I reach 80's. They are damn solid, touch wood or even tree, but they are and I wish they remain the same long enough from today.

Bucket List is a movie which touched me and I hope a lot of us. My baba(dada/grandpa) criticizes almost all the movies and he gives correct reasons for the same. He hasn't watched some good movie since ages and I wanted to change that. He never agrees to such requests but I managed to convince him to give it try, and he agreed …

I love - 'Community'

Friends, Two and Half Men and How I met your mother are some of the famous series which all of us are fond of. They are really nice and gives us a sense of joy. Along with these, there are a lot of other series which are equally good but not that famous. Community is one of them and I got to know about it from a Quora post which was ''What are some not so famous TV series that you like?''

I am glad I read this post and decided to watch Community. I would like to make an effort to increase Community viewers and give some notions why I love the series.

First of all, I love a lot of series of which Big Bang Theory has a special place in my heart as it was the first series I ever watched. All series have some unique concepts which makes them special. Even Community has some of them and it worked for me. You may not like, but some of you may.

Community is about emotions, it will remind you of small things that we used to do in school, how we used to study together, how we …