Let it be hazy......

Let me bring you to the context of my life now. I have been rejected by Google Europe and Directi in the past week, my mom has not been in good health and has bad thoughts that I will go abroad and not come back so I think she doesn't want me to go there. I am not the guy who don't love their parents. I love them above myself and especially my mom. In short all my plans for the near future and far future has been turned down in a span of 7 days. I have always liked surprises, but the truth is I like it only when they are good surprises and not bad. Certainly I was full of thoughts and needed to calm down. Even the Karate Kid dialogue "Life will knock you down, it's your choice whether or not to get back." was not good enough to motivate me. This things makes you feel good but not for long I wanted something more.

Now let me tell you what happened today, I mean few hours back before which I was not good enough to write this. I watched some episodes of suites, bbt and some other shit which had no other purpose than mere entertainment, but I enjoyed it like anything. The atmosphere in Gandhinagar is too good and I had to go out for a walk. I started walking and remembered that I have forgotten my glasses in the room, and that's what made all the difference. I always enjoyed the hazy view beyond which I can't see from my eye. While I was walking down the road, I realized that if I like this hazy view than why do I want my life to be all clear. Why do I want the plan for my exact future and want to look at it from now. Isn't it better if I get to see just some glimpse of future and let it be hazy for the later? I don't know why but this made me more than happy and it's okay to let things go the way they want and take it easy because I believe in the end everything will be all right.

I was finding many interesting projects to do (every CS guy feels the same), and was increasing my list each day. But the problem was I didn't have the inspiration to work on any one of the list. I have learned somethings which are more important than what courses teach me. It's not what you create matters, it's how you create matters. If you think it is great work than no one's criticism is going to decrease your happiness. Its true reading books gives you knowledge, hearing experiences makes you more aware of the alternatives, but the truth is experiencing it yourself is the most important. Only after that you will get the wisdom and happiness you are looking for. I have heard from a lot of people, friends and family that we should not think of future but I didn't find it right till I experienced it myself. Today I am not afraid of what is coming, but I am pretty sure that I am ready to wait till the end to see how my story ends.

So I want you all to explore things for yourself, experience life and keep waiting - to clear the hazy cloud, and see how the future looks. Be Feliz...:)   


Anonymous said…
Nice :)
always_genial said…
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always_genial said…
its all tacit knowledge but it still helps those who are afraid of looking at the world with bare eyes!!!!

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