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Let it be hazy......

Let me bring you to the context of my life now. I have been rejected by Google Europe and Directi in the past week, my mom has not been in good health and has bad thoughts that I will go abroad and not come back so I think she doesn't want me to go there. I am not the guy who don't love their parents. I love them above myself and especially my mom. In short all my plans for the near future and far future has been turned down in a span of 7 days. I have always liked surprises, but the truth is I like it only when they are good surprises and not bad. Certainly I was full of thoughts and needed to calm down. Even the Karate Kid dialogue "Life will knock you down, it's your choice whether or not to get back." was not good enough to motivate me. This things makes you feel good but not for long I wanted something more. Now let me tell you what happened today, I mean few hours back before which I was not good enough to write this. I watched some episodes of suites, b