Truth Unveiled

This blog is pure spitting out of thoughts from my heart @ 3 am after thinking a lot for few days. This blog will sound true to some, and some may think "yeh kuch bhi likhta hai'' but it really doesn't matter much, will be happy if you think it either way. Truth to be told I am bored of philosophy, not really but yes it sucks sometimes and sometimes confuses you to the extent that you don't live and just think. I am ending my totally philo# kind of blogs and will start blogging about my experiences which are far more interesting and cherish able.

Past is always good, but what's the use of remaining in the past and keep thinking of same old memories. I literally use to live in my past a lot, but it was becoming too much so I decided to let it go and start creating new past for my future by remaining in my present. Some say that my past was not good and still they keep crying over the same thing, but what the fuck man, some people may have hurted you, and you still wanna think of them and let them ruin your future life. Not worth it! Let it go, let the feeling go, let any one go who doesn't care enough to make you happy.

Everything changes literally everything. Special people may not remain special, your enemies may become your best friends, the thing you hated my turn out to be your new area of interest, the people who were too close to you may not be near to being close, but who cares, there is more to life and look forward to it. Seriously I have been hurted, screwed, ignored, rejected and all other sort of shit. But as I always say SHIT happens and deal with it. Try it out when you face failure, rejection, dejection, refusal or any other sort of experience which you didn't want say to yourself SHIT happens. You will get a nice smile and you will be able to handle the situation really well now.

Some times we tend to take things for granted, and that's where we find the comfort zone. Try not to take anything for granted, not family, not friends, not even God. Anything may be turned and you will find yourself on the road alone. But you will find new people new friends and new life. Always look forward to it means life. It has plenty to offer to you. I felt few days back that life doesn't have much to offer me, but that was crap. I literally was living peacefully and not doing anything what I did previously and still had a lot of new things to try on. So always believe Life has more than enough to offer you to make your life extra ordinary. 

Laugh on small things, break rules which you want, screw the professors who suck, burn the candles today and don't wait for a special occasion, because present moment is the only thing that is special. Don't let any person, thing, exam, interview or anything make a huge impact on your happiness. Just ask yourself is it worth loosing the smile on my face and you will know it is not. It's not like you will not be sad, it's just that you will not be sad for long. Mistakes happen! "Galti ho gai ab kyan jaan loge". There is another better thing waiting for you next door. You just don't see it until you convince that yes there is much more out there in the open.

I lacked motivation for a few days back, but now I am back with it. And this time nothing worked no philosophy, no quotes, no songs nothing. So such things happen, you feel low but try hard to end it as soon as possible as you are wasting some beautiful moments of your life which are passing while you are still weeping. So don't be low for long, it will give you nothing.

Moral of the story, philosophies are easy to say or tell anyone, but difficult to apply to life when the situation comes. Develop your own ways to motivate then, forget philosophers. Life is the best platform to learn from your mistakes, so make them, get hurt, get rejected, get depressed, but in the end you will come out strong with the faith that yes I could handle it. Sometimes we think we are not strong enough to handle negativity, but trust me we can handle a lot more than what we think we can. We can literally take anything that comes in our life.

Believe, in the end, all will turn out well and you will cherish all your good and bad experiences. So live to get all sort of experiences.

I will soon blog about my experiences and my life stories which will be the real thing which counts. 


Unknown said…
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always_genial said…
saheb it seems that rejection has throttled you for some reason..... i know that past should not be carried forward but sometimes it is what drives you to take on the world and makes you what you are!!!!!

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