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Truth Unveiled

This blog is pure spitting out of thoughts from my heart @ 3 am after thinking a lot for few days. This blog will sound true to some, and some may think "yeh kuch bhi likhta hai'' but it really doesn't matter much, will be happy if you think it either way. Truth to be told I am bored of philosophy, not really but yes it sucks sometimes and sometimes confuses you to the extent that you don't live and just think. I am ending my totally philo# kind of blogs and will start blogging about my experiences which are far more interesting and cherish able.

Past is always good, but what's the use of remaining in the past and keep thinking of same old memories. I literally use to live in my past a lot, but it was becoming too much so I decided to let it go and start creating new past for my future by remaining in my present. Some say that my past was not good and still they keep crying over the same thing, but what the fuck man, some people may have hurted you, and you s…