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I traveled all the way from Gandhinagar to Bangalore alone for PyCon 2012. I knew I was gonna meet a lot of Techies and was ready to feel inferior, but still when it comes it comes hard and all your mindset jolts down from learning trip to a trip of inferiority complex. It all started with huge excitement, but it wasn't as cool as I thought it would be. It was good, but it was boring. It was new stuff but definitely not interesting enough to put a start up cost for. It's my perspective and definitely not for all. Some speakers where definitely awesome and was pleasure to hear them and their experiences. I even met a lot of start up org's(who were in search for new enthusiastic python developers) but didn't find their work interesting enough, but salute to their guts. The key point of the first day was I fought it out, got my spirits high and kept learning something. I knew I don't have anything at stake so why not make the most of it.

Now begins the random thoughts of my day. I missed my friends a lot. I always liked to be alone, I had this philosophy. But now it doesn't hold for me at least, I love being with friends. I missed them all like hell and will definitely want a friend at least with me instead of being alone. Some time its good to be alone, but it feels like hell when you need one and there is no one to walk with you. It was not like I didn't have friends in PyCon, I had them but they had their stuff and duties to cover for, so they couldn't help it. So this was something which added to my situation and had to learn to deal with it and I manged quite well.

By the end of first day I was happy, and here are few thoughts which made my day. I always wanted me to remain motivated what so ever happens and that's what made me go on. I motivated myself by some ways which will follow but I did it and am happy that I can be a self motivator.

I had an entire evening by myself and had to make something out of it. I said what the bull shit I am thinking and not enjoying a city like Bangalore. I left everything and started walking God knows where, and mind me the weather was really nice, may be that's the best thing about Bangalore - because of which everyone loves it so much. I usually had theory which I formulated quite before, and I followed it to make the day. The theory of good food makes me happy always, what so ever might have happened before. So I began with a pani puri lari, then a KFC popcorn chicken followed by a Kwality Walls Swirl Cream. Trust me friends it made my mood and I was back to life to enjoy the small little things and live my myself. Try it out some day,it may work for you even.

I was on the top and was very happy. What's the use of money, work or life if you don't know how to keep yourself happy. I was out in the open enjoying the traffic of Bangalore. It is always good if you commute or travel by bus and local train for a day or two but it sucks when you have to do it on regular basis. I learnt another important thing here, make some stranger happy  and you will feel great. I did make the bus driver happy by acknowledging the awesome work that he was doing. He was awesome at his work, he was driving, keeping the count of tickets and even maintaining record book for money flow simultaneously. He deserved a salute. It is always more hard work for them and look at what they get paid. On the other hand we get paid to just type few code lines in an AC type ambiance and feel proud of ourselves. Think it over.
It made me determined to work even more harder. Don't you think we should?

MG Road - Mahatma Gandhi Road of Bangalore is very famous for so called many things, but it was a road which every other city has. I was a bit confused when I passed a CCD few meters back and it was back again after few steps. I actually walked back to see was it an illusion or flash back? Strangely they have two CCD's so close by that you might get confused even. It happened again with KFC. And I had a big smile on my face. HAPPENS!!!

The road was awesome to walk and especially for bird watching(Just like the CG Road in A'bad but with beers). Again missed my friends like anything. Poor husbands had to walk for their wives' window shopping...literally laughed on seeing such screwed up fellows. Even I will have that day, but let me enjoy it now. Such small things made me happy and I was happy enjoying them.

Apart from all the comments, the road had some awesome shops - A great jeweler shop, looked like the best from outside. I didn't dare to go in and waste my time. I was happy with a snapshot of it. A book shop named Page Turners was a master piece, worth  a watch but mind me the books he was selling inside were available in the book stall outside it at a very cheap rate as you all know..then why would and sensible person waste money there. There was a shop for cool Tees but without a name so I name it "The Shop must not be named", with new cool lines on every Tee and nice choice of colors. I bought two of them in 5 mins and was back on the road, that's the way shopping should be done I always felt and still feel the same.

These things made me happy and made my day, my mood and everything. So never feel demotivated and if you do then just read the titles of philosophical novels and you will be happy, no need to read any of them titles are enough...:):):)


This is the second post I selected to read, randomly and I became a fan of ur writings !

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