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Random Thoughts

I traveled all the way from Gandhinagar to Bangalore alone for PyCon 2012. I knew I was gonna meet a lot of Techies and was ready to feel inferior, but still when it comes it comes hard and all your mindset jolts down from learning trip to a trip of inferiority complex. It all started with huge excitement, but it wasn't as cool as I thought it would be. It was good, but it was boring. It was new stuff but definitely not interesting enough to put a start up cost for. It's my perspective and definitely not for all. Some speakers where definitely awesome and was pleasure to hear them and their experiences. I even met a lot of start up org's(who were in search for new enthusiastic python developers) but didn't find their work interesting enough, but salute to their guts. The key point of the first day was I fought it out, got my spirits high and kept learning something. I knew I don't have anything at stake so why not make the most of it. Now begins the random thoug