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Fountain Head gives me "A New Life"

Fountain Head by Ayn Rand is one of the best books I have ever read, and best in the philosophical genre. This blog is not for any reader, it's for me and my memories. I want to preserve the feelings I am having right now after reading this book and how deeply it has changed my thoughts and way of living.

We all want to be happy, it's a natural human tendency. We all think why is that happiness ends and why can't we always be happy. Why is that everything is temporary and we can't achieve permanent happiness. What is pursuit of happiness and why we always fail to be happy and end being sad.

The answer to all these questions is as simple as saying that we all strive for virtual happiness, which means we just want others to have a projection that we are happy. We all do a lot many things, achieve some commendable stuff, create some mind boggling records, but do we do it for ourselves? If you are true enough to yourself, you will get the answer and I don't think ther…