Will "I" remain the same I?

I always try to figure out what I am searching for? What I am looking for? What I am trying to achieve in life? What I want? What I really want? Will I get that than life will be great?

But the more important question is will "I" be the same when I get what "I" wanted?
Read it again it's a great thing to think over:)

I always wanted to be busy, and never wanted to sit idle. And now, when I am what I wanted to be i.e. busy and having a life that I wanted, I sit down and think is this that I wanted to become, is this the life I wanted? and tears roll down...

I use to enjoy small things before, sitting with friends for a Bakar didn't force me to think before doing so, but now it does. I could sleep with no alarm, but now I have to. Is this what "I" wanted?

I could code all night without meaning or compulsion for something I like but it didn't carry any importance than just making me happy. But now I can't because "I" don't want me to be happy but "I" want me to be busy. Is me the the same "I"?

I could sit down and hear to the favorite song list, but now I can't! I could blog over my thoughts when I got them, but now I have to make time for it and till I do so thoughts vanish.:(...Is this the life "I" wanted?

It applies to everything. I love "you", but will the "you" remain the same after you love the you, because you loved you because of what they were and not because what you wanted them to become..:)....

I always want to reach perfection and have a great life, but when it actually happens, I thinks it was better before not being perfect, not having a great life and not having any fear to face failure.

I is very selfish and thinks very little before deciding what it actually wants. It always goes for temporary lust and than it suffers by making sacrifices with the important part that's itself and it's happiness.

Is it worth the happiness in being the same "I" as before?


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