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Will "I" remain the same I?

I always try to figure out what I am searching for? What I am looking for? What I am trying to achieve in life? What I want? What I really want? Will I get that than life will be great?

But the more important question is will "I" be the same when I get what "I" wanted?
Read it again it's a great thing to think over:)

I always wanted to be busy, and never wanted to sit idle. And now, when I am what I wanted to be i.e. busy and having a life that I wanted, I sit down and think is this that I wanted to become, is this the life I wanted? and tears roll down...

I use to enjoy small things before, sitting with friends for a Bakar didn't force me to think before doing so, but now it does. I could sleep with no alarm, but now I have to. Is this what "I" wanted?

I could code all night without meaning or compulsion for something I like but it didn't carry any importance than just making me happy. But now I can't because "I" don't wan…