There is much to LIFE!

The span of last six months has been great for my life, probably it has been best time after my incomparable childhood days. I agree God has been kind with me, as I believe he always is. I have learnt a lot in past six months both in living a better life and in programming field as well.Although, I confess it has been the worse semester academically, but there is much to life except academia. The programming experience will be shared soon on my other blog DeKode and life experiences will be present here.

The title of the post is in itself self-motivating don't you think so? It's the best inspirational statement-short and simple, with a lot of meaning. I heard it for the first time in a lecture by Prof. Shiv Visvanathan and meeting him in life has been a wonderful experience. He has been a different professor, you rarely get a chance to learn something with such a professor, he taught us to think in a broad and better way. He told us to consider all possibilities for every situation we encounter in our life. We were thinking what kind of stupid thought process is this for instance thinking of justice for an ant's death. I was confused that living this way will make us be less practical, but the truth lies in the fact that this is the real way of being practical. If you are good at this you can face any worse situation you come across in you life. There is always something else in life which can make you feel better.

We all be sad, we all feel low, we all are alone, we all experience jealousy and much more. These feelings are prone to come and we can't stop them from coming, it's just that how we deal with it without letting it affect our life to a more extent. And it's perfectly okay to feel so, especially it's for my some friends who think they are the only ones whom God has randomly chosen to give grief. It all happens, just learn to use the line "There is much to life" is such situations and you will soon start getting over such small depressing feelings. These things needs to be developed now, as there are more depressing feelings waiting for you in future. World is going to put you down with such feelings, it's up to you to decide whether to remain there or come up with a will to face the world more strongly again.

The problem I faced was I used to remain sad after few days again and again for some same stupid reason, for you it can be different reason. But the feelings are same, we feel dejected again and again. But after this line entered my life, I have changed. I keep looking for happiness from one source or the other instead of remaining sad with the same past reason. I truly get convinced that yeah there is much more to life than we can think. Just try it once friends, it's a bliss. The problem can be anything but you just need to accept the fact that life is too short for wasting time on sadness. Life is too short for making the same mistakes again, there are a lot of new ones Go and experience them, but No we gonna do the same again and cry over it. Chill out everyone does that, but try not to make them and don't fear making new mistakes.

One of common situation we all face is we don't receive a call from someone friends/relatives we expect and start having egoist views that why can't they call? why always me? am I important for them? and much deeper nonsense. Just think are these feelings worth coming and spoiling your life? They are someone you care for, you miss them and they have made your life better and now just due to a small stupid call you think they have changed or they don't care for you. There can be much better approach to it. You can give them a call, and tell them "Bhul gaya mujhe toh tu" but not in a serious sense. All you wanted was a good conversation with the person, it doesn't even matter who made the call. I know it's not easy to implement but if you want to make your life better than it is worth a try. This way keep on finding new ways to make your life better and keep saying "There is much to life".

I usually get complaints that my blogs are lengthy enough so I am keeping it short and will include other experiences in other posts. And I wanted to tell all the readers that I am just a simple layman like all of you trying to share my life experiences, it's just that I learn from life and like to share it with you, so that people can learn from it as well.


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