Sab Kuch Moh Maya Hai.......

Hi guys! I hope that you all doing well and learning something this summer. I was tired postponing my starred blogs(which will come later P.S. maybe), for which I have been planning to make time but have failed. I have been cursing myself for not being able to do so, but now I realize sometimes other things are more important and it's all just about my priorities.

Time is just a function of priorities, which you generate by thinking how will you maximize your use of time. So I manipulated my function a bit and made time to write this blog, idea of which came to me a few minutes before I was going to sleep. So, I am completing this for a satisfactory sleep.

"Sab Kuch Moh Maya Hai"
Everyone uses the above most sarcastic line in their everyday lives, and at least once before they reach their dead bed. This line is used very often by me and my "jigri" group like anything, in every possible situation-whenever we are screwed, whenever we don't get anything we want, whenever we fail, fell dejected or any such crap(Life's Fucked Up situations). After hearing this line we really feel better and it's the real meaning of life.

It doesn't end here, we keep on modifying it as per our needs to make the situation a little more happier, at any place it doesn't matter. We do this to make this world a better place, "for greater Good" .The previous line was pure nonsense, so don't ever think that way. The most common instance I wanna share is while we study for our exams, and my friend enters the room and says "Kya padh raha hai beh, kya karega padh ke....yeh sab moh maya hai", and it just makes my mood, beware not to study but to take a break and have a coffee. I imagined myself on my death bed and my friends crying, I am going to say, "Ab kyun ro rahe ho kamino, yeh sab moh maya hai.....ab mein yeh moh maya se mukt ho chuka hun.....:)" 

Now you must be smiling as thinking "sachme sab kuch moh maya hai....". Agreed, sab kuch moh maya hai, but ask yourself don't you want this moh-maya. We want to get away from this materialistic wealth for a while, but soon come back in this materialistic world and make a desirable place for ourselves. I am on a vacation right now, and have been enjoying so far with the beauty of nature. I was wondering why shouldn't I leave everything and live a simple life here in nature. The answer came with a bang, I want to become x, I wanna go to y, I wanna reach the top of the world, I wanna make love to z, I wanna travel the world, I wanna make my parents proud, I wanna party with my friends. That's all I have got to say, that I want this moh maya and love to live with it.

The blog ends here, I just wanna conclude- have desires for "moh-maya", but have a break from it once in a while to relax yourself, and say to yourself yeah it doesn't matter much if I screw my life sometimes..."sab moh maya hai". 


manoj nair said…
I had seen many persons giving their point of view of how they seems "moh maya", let me ask something which no one will be expecting if all these materialistic things are bullshits or moh maya then Lord Shiva who is the creator of earth even we are also from one of his beautiful creations he designed us or created us with some special quality and without his help we cannot get into inventions and establishments, ya someone said that it will end up one day and u will be going back without anything...except your soul, but friends let me tell u something yes its true that we cannot use those materialistic things or experience new inventions but our future generations can have the benefit of it

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