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Sab Kuch Moh Maya Hai.......

Hi guys! I hope that you all doing well and learning something this summer. I was tired postponing my starred blogs(which will come later P.S. maybe), for which I have been planning to make time but have failed. I have been cursing myself for not being able to do so, but now I realize sometimes other things are more important and it's all just about my priorities.

Time is just a function of priorities, which you generate by thinking how will you maximize your use of time. So I manipulated my function a bit and made time to write this blog, idea of which came to me a few minutes before I was going to sleep. So, I am completing this for a satisfactory sleep.

"Sab Kuch Moh Maya Hai"
Everyone uses the above most sarcastic line in their everyday lives, and at least once before they reach their dead bed. This line is used very often by me and my "jigri" group like anything, in every possible situation-whenever we are screwed, whenever we don't get anything we wan…

There is much to LIFE!

The span of last six months has been great for my life, probably it has been best time after my incomparable childhood days. I agree God has been kind with me, as I believe he always is. I have learnt a lot in past six months both in living a better life and in programming field as well.Although, I confess it has been the worse semester academically, but there is much to life except academia. The programming experience will be shared soon on my other blog DeKode and life experiences will be present here.

The title of the post is in itself self-motivating don't you think so? It's the best inspirational statement-short and simple, with a lot of meaning. I heard it for the first time in a lecture by Prof. Shiv Visvanathan and meeting him in life has been a wonderful experience. He has been a different professor, you rarely get a chance to learn something with such a professor, he taught us to think in a broad and better way. He told us to consider all possibilities for every sit…