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The title of the post is as simple as it looks, but it will add a lot of meaning to your life. I hope few thinkers must have decrypted the concept which I wanna convey by this emotion, and for others here it is:
You smile, so the other fellow smiles and so the world smiles.

The notion is simple, don't think much about the complexity of your life and just smile. It is the best source of energy, world's best motivator and easiest thing to do in entanglement. It's a fact that smile doesn't have language like love. Smile at a stranger and they will smile back at you, and trust me it will bring new inspiration in your life from nowhere. So whenever you feel Life's Fucked Up , just go for a walk alone and try only to smile during the walk and if you are fortunate enough you will get a smile from an unknown person and you will feel Life Sahi Hai.

Someone said to me that what's the need to say's your friends while you are walking, instea…