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Truth Unveiled

This blog is pure spitting out of thoughts from my heart @ 3 am after thinking a lot for few days. This blog will sound true to some, and some may think "yeh kuch bhi likhta hai'' but it really doesn't matter much, will be happy if you think it either way. Truth to be told I am bored of philosophy, not really but yes it sucks sometimes and sometimes confuses you to the extent that you don't live and just think. I am ending my totally philo# kind of blogs and will start blogging about my experiences which are far more interesting and cherish able.

Past is always good, but what's the use of remaining in the past and keep thinking of same old memories. I literally use to live in my past a lot, but it was becoming too much so I decided to let it go and start creating new past for my future by remaining in my present. Some say that my past was not good and still they keep crying over the same thing, but what the fuck man, some people may have hurted you, and you s…

Random Thoughts

I traveled all the way from Gandhinagar to Bangalore alone for PyCon 2012. I knew I was gonna meet a lot of Techies and was ready to feel inferior, but still when it comes it comes hard and all your mindset jolts down from learning trip to a trip of inferiority complex. It all started with huge excitement, but it wasn't as cool as I thought it would be. It was good, but it was boring. It was new stuff but definitely not interesting enough to put a start up cost for. It's my perspective and definitely not for all. Some speakers where definitely awesome and was pleasure to hear them and their experiences. I even met a lot of start up org's(who were in search for new enthusiastic python developers) but didn't find their work interesting enough, but salute to their guts. The key point of the first day was I fought it out, got my spirits high and kept learning something. I knew I don't have anything at stake so why not make the most of it.

Now begins the random thought…

Fountain Head gives me "A New Life"

Fountain Head by Ayn Rand is one of the best books I have ever read, and best in the philosophical genre. This blog is not for any reader, it's for me and my memories. I want to preserve the feelings I am having right now after reading this book and how deeply it has changed my thoughts and way of living.

We all want to be happy, it's a natural human tendency. We all think why is that happiness ends and why can't we always be happy. Why is that everything is temporary and we can't achieve permanent happiness. What is pursuit of happiness and why we always fail to be happy and end being sad.

The answer to all these questions is as simple as saying that we all strive for virtual happiness, which means we just want others to have a projection that we are happy. We all do a lot many things, achieve some commendable stuff, create some mind boggling records, but do we do it for ourselves? If you are true enough to yourself, you will get the answer and I don't think ther…

Will "I" remain the same I?

I always try to figure out what I am searching for? What I am looking for? What I am trying to achieve in life? What I want? What I really want? Will I get that than life will be great?

But the more important question is will "I" be the same when I get what "I" wanted?
Read it again it's a great thing to think over:)

I always wanted to be busy, and never wanted to sit idle. And now, when I am what I wanted to be i.e. busy and having a life that I wanted, I sit down and think is this that I wanted to become, is this the life I wanted? and tears roll down...

I use to enjoy small things before, sitting with friends for a Bakar didn't force me to think before doing so, but now it does. I could sleep with no alarm, but now I have to. Is this what "I" wanted?

I could code all night without meaning or compulsion for something I like but it didn't carry any importance than just making me happy. But now I can't because "I" don't wan…

Sab Kuch Moh Maya Hai.......

Hi guys! I hope that you all doing well and learning something this summer. I was tired postponing my starred blogs(which will come later P.S. maybe), for which I have been planning to make time but have failed. I have been cursing myself for not being able to do so, but now I realize sometimes other things are more important and it's all just about my priorities.

Time is just a function of priorities, which you generate by thinking how will you maximize your use of time. So I manipulated my function a bit and made time to write this blog, idea of which came to me a few minutes before I was going to sleep. So, I am completing this for a satisfactory sleep.

"Sab Kuch Moh Maya Hai"
Everyone uses the above most sarcastic line in their everyday lives, and at least once before they reach their dead bed. This line is used very often by me and my "jigri" group like anything, in every possible situation-whenever we are screwed, whenever we don't get anything we wan…

There is much to LIFE!

The span of last six months has been great for my life, probably it has been best time after my incomparable childhood days. I agree God has been kind with me, as I believe he always is. I have learnt a lot in past six months both in living a better life and in programming field as well.Although, I confess it has been the worse semester academically, but there is much to life except academia. The programming experience will be shared soon on my other blog DeKode and life experiences will be present here.

The title of the post is in itself self-motivating don't you think so? It's the best inspirational statement-short and simple, with a lot of meaning. I heard it for the first time in a lecture by Prof. Shiv Visvanathan and meeting him in life has been a wonderful experience. He has been a different professor, you rarely get a chance to learn something with such a professor, he taught us to think in a broad and better way. He told us to consider all possibilities for every sit…

What we are?

What we are in life is not about our abilities but it is about choices we make. The sooner we learn this in life, life will be better for us. The choice may be difficult in every situation, but it may be the best decision you will make in your life. If you want instances then find it for yourself, for me Steve Jobs , Mark Zuckerberg are the best examples. Sometimes you may think you have made a wrong decision, but chill out man "Shit happens Deal with it". And be proud of decisions you make, and don't regret after making them because one day you will claim that to be the turning point of your life. So make the right choice and do the right thing. Sometimes it's difficult to select from your choices, just few things which I think before cutting down my choices:

Imagine yourself into the future and ask yourself do I want it to be this way, you may get an answer and it will help you making the decision. If you see yourself getting a tear of happiness in future after ma…


The title of the post is as simple as it looks, but it will add a lot of meaning to your life. I hope few thinkers must have decrypted the concept which I wanna convey by this emotion, and for others here it is:
You smile, so the other fellow smiles and so the world smiles.

The notion is simple, don't think much about the complexity of your life and just smile. It is the best source of energy, world's best motivator and easiest thing to do in entanglement. It's a fact that smile doesn't have language like love. Smile at a stranger and they will smile back at you, and trust me it will bring new inspiration in your life from nowhere. So whenever you feel Life's Fucked Up , just go for a walk alone and try only to smile during the walk and if you are fortunate enough you will get a smile from an unknown person and you will feel Life Sahi Hai.

Someone said to me that what's the need to say's your friends while you are walking, instea…