Life Must Go On....

Life is something which is built on the basis of our perception towards living it. Previously I believed in the concept that Everything is p-rewritten and Nothing can be rewritten, but now I have a different brainwave which says we don't know whether it is p-rewritten or not, then why not write it ourselves how we want it to be. It's merely our own thinking on which our life is based. If you think you are happy then nothing in the world can stop you from being happy. You are the designer of your own building called Life. Even if you are a theist, I agree God is the builder of your building but its you who designs the structure of building and gives it touch you want it to be.So say to yourself every morning "Life is great and I will make most of it".

Topsy-turvy we have other element "Sadness" which we never want in life but it still comes and makes our life miserable. We always call life unfair when we are in a bad situation, instead of dealing with it tranquilly. This blog will tell you about few weird situations which comes in life and goes but still Life's Good.

Friends are the most important part of every individual's life. They make you happy when you are sad, scold you on your smallest mistake and discuss your wildest dreams even though they know they are not going to be true. They make you feel comfortable in difficult situations, gives you shoulder when your family hurts you, be with you when you wanna stay alone, wipes your tears and says Ladki saala.....and does many other things.

But sometimes in life your friends change and their nature towards you change. You should try to find the reason for the change and help them fight against the change. In doing so you may get hurt or might feel like leaving the friend, but you should try hard before taking any decision else you will regret in future. It's hard but sometimes you need to leave some of your great friends just because their nature changed with time and you couldn't take them as they are now.

You will try hard to be happy but you will not be able to be happy, because memories will keep hurting such situations above motivation of life fails and we feel lonely. Be strong and believe in yourself that Life still has a lot for me. Be happy that you gave your best to make it work. You will feel Life is not fair and why am the only one to face it. Come on man don't let your past fuck your present. With time you will make new friends and feel that "Whatsoever happens, happens for the best" and you will learn Life Moves On.

"Jigri" are those which never change from the day they enter your life and will never leave till you lie on your death bed. Be with them always, give them all your love and live for their will make you more happy. Many situations separates friends but when in future you get chance to relive that friendship then pull the top gear and go for it....Life doesn't give second chance to everyone....

What our parents do for us can we ever do for them?.....They sacrifice their happiness for bringing one smile on our faces. Still we fight with them saying that they are selfish, strict and orthodox. When we were small, their entire lives moved around us and making us happy...they got a lot of time to spend with us. Now, we have changed, we have friends and future to care about...but their lives still revolves around us...which we always forget. They don't get time with us in our busy schedule so they try to spend time with us by asking stupid questions which we don't feel like answering.....but we should understand them and make time for them and make them happy....All they want is that we should be happy and successful. Some times situations make us choose between our parents and career. Such situations can be handled only with co-operation and proper communication between we and our parents. As they want us happy they will always agree with us but will make sure that we have taken right decision. Choosing career maybe difficult over parents but we have to do so...for a better future...and parents support us even in this situation.
Always remember whatever we do for our parents is less than what they did.

Be feliz..:)...Life Must Go On.........


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