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Life Must Go On....

Life is something which is built on the basis of our perception towards living it. Previously I believed in the concept that Everything is p-rewritten and Nothing can be rewritten, but now I have a different brainwave which says we don't know whether it is p-rewritten or not, then why not write it ourselves how we want it to be. It's merely our own thinking on which our life is based. If you think you are happy then nothing in the world can stop you from being happy. You are the designer of your own building called Life. Even if you are a theist, I agree God is the builder of your building but its you who designs the structure of building and gives it touch you want it to be.So say to yourself every morning "Life is great and I will make most of it". Topsy-turvy we have other element "Sadness" which we never want in life but it still comes and makes our life miserable. We always call life unfair when we are in a bad situation, instead of dealing w