Dream b4 U dream

This blog post is going to be a "out of the box feeling", which I felt and want you to feel it because it is the feeling you will cherish forever.
If you are a good observer you must have noticed a difference in two occurrences of word "dream" in the title of the post.It's not mistake or grammar but it's intentional.Dream is different from dream.Lets see how...;)

First ask yourself what is dream for you?..I cannot remember,if you get this answer then be happy you are normal.Many times it happens that we are not able to sleep for 2-3 hours even though we are in bed and want sleep badly. If this never happens to you then it's time to worry my friend.

The fact being, this is the best period and I term it as "D"ream period.

It's the time you shouldn't waste in counting imaginary sheep, taking sleeping pills or wanking, instead it's time to Dream. Close your eyes, and ask your heart or conscience that what you want in life that will make you happy. Dream can be anything...just anything....like you want to play in Indian Cricket team,you want to have Krista Allen as your girl friend, you want to propose your first crush, you wanna become youngest billionaire,you want your name written on moon..and even bigger.You will also get some short term dreams which you can pursue from the next day even. Only thing I want is Dream...Dream and....Dream......  

Just imagine that what you have got what you wanted to be happy and live few moments in that iota world.You will soon open your eyes but you will feel yourself motivated for life. The feeling you will experience is not something I can put it in words. This is what I call a "D"ream.
You will not forget this Dream like the dream.You will always remember it and will strive hard to make that iota world your real world.Simpy we can say that dream is something you do in "trans" state so you don't remember in present state and "D"ream is something which you do in present state and which takes you to trans state.

So friends Dream big...and it's not that you will get only one Dream in that period,you will get Dreams coming on and on. Some night you may keep Dreaming till the morning . And trust me, next morning will be the best. You will be less worried about other stuff in your real world and will be inspired to make your Dream a reality.

What's at stake my friends?? Nothing....So Dream big and make most of your Dream period. The day when 1 of your Dream becomes real, you will get tears in your eyes........
Do make sure your Dreams never end or stop......if some Dream is not feasible....don't worry you have a huge list to select from in your next Dream period.....CHEERS.....

Keep Dreaming.


KiLLeR said…
great post....and drop this engineering u can become a motivational speaker...

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