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As the name suggests, this blog is dedicated to philosophy and maybe I will not have any of my philosophy (which I have read and experienced) left after this blog. One of the best reasons I love philosophy is that it gives me a reason to be happy when I am sad and lonely. PhiloFreak begins....

Quoting Socrates:
"The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be."
Make time to sit in silence for few minutes and ask yourself why to pretend? The people who really care for you don't want you to pretend and likes you as you are. And to make other people like you be as you are and then let them like you. What's the use of making other people like what you pretended to be , instead try to be what you pretended to be and live with honor.

We sometimes pretend merely to get over a particular situation or occasion because we think what others will think. Don't take yourself so seriously because no one else does, just think that no one bothers to t…

Dream b4 U dream

This blog post is going to be a "out of the box feeling", which I felt and want you to feel it because it is the feeling you will cherish forever.
If you are a good observer you must have noticed a difference in two occurrences of word "dream" in the title of the post.It's not mistake or grammar but it's intentional.Dream is different from dream.Lets see how...;)

First ask yourself what is dream for you?..I cannot remember,if you get this answer then be happy you are normal.Many times it happens that we are not able to sleep for 2-3 hours even though we are in bed and want sleep badly. If this never happens to you then it's time to worry my friend.

The fact being, this is the best period and I term it as "D"ream period.

It's the time you shouldn't waste in counting imaginary sheep, taking sleeping pills or wanking, instead it's time to Dream. Close your eyes, and ask your heart or conscience that what you want in life that will ma…