Best Idea is to implement the Good Idea

The title of the post seems simple and cute. I heard this beautiful line in the Art of Living course,which was one of the best courses I have attended in my life.I liked the line but didn't knew the beauty of it and took time to understand it.

How did I understand its beauty???
I am a philosophical senti-singh kind of a guy(those who have read my previous blogs must be knowing it already).And so I love every aspect of philosophy and always keep searching for new philosophies and philosophers.Socrates was the first philosopher I read about and he is still the best for me.Soon as I experienced various things in my life i started creating my own philosophies and even use to happily say them to my friends,cousins, family and many more, and make therm feel better. Actually they felt better after hearing the same old philosophy in a new revised "SAM" version . Ek simple fact....all philosophies cover almost the same notion just from a different angle,perception and situation.....and even I knew this fact but still loved the newer versions of it.;)

My bestie even loved my philosophy a lot . She had almost heard every version of my philosophy by now.Soon I knew she used to get bored of my philosophies and she even said that to me. Soon after few days I was sad and she said my own philosophies to me which I had taught her and thats when I understood the beauty of above line.

What happened after understanding the beauty???
I understood that I have made a lot of philosophies to follow in my life in order to be happy and face situations.

The problem lie in the fact that I just made them but couldn't implement them at even a few situations. The funny truth is if I would have been able to implement them , then I could be called an "IDEAL HUMAN"...hehe....:D.

 "der lagi lekin .....ab maine jeena sikh liya"

Hence the fact remains we have a lot of good ideas or philosophies in our mind but they will be great only after we implement them.This line applies to every field , branch and area of innovation,so just try applying it.

Few Philosophies:

  • Be happy right now .Don't worry about the future or regret about the past.
  • Accept situation and people as they are and take action
  • Opposite values are complimentary i.e. sadness and happiness
  • Don't be a football of others opinion
  • 99 % not equal to 100% so always give your 100 percent
  • Don't run for the pursuit of happiness..
  • Communicate with your closed ones....because both want you happy
  • We have to work to make relationship work...
  • Listen to people more than what convinces you or not...
  • We usually remember criticism rather than change your nature..
  • Ego should be there but in limits

P.S. If you are able to implement even 2 or 3 in your life then your life will change and you will be happy and successful .....and if you will implement all then you can call yourself  "THE PERFECT HUMAN".

Even I am trying to implement any 1 from the above list in my life and whenever I do implement them I turn out to be happy.

And above all the points discussed in this blog , have guts to follow your intuition and b feliz...:)


neelam said…
aaahhhhhh....mah small bro is growing up......but ur philosophies do experience....:) missing them a lot....:(
shriya said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
shriya said…
wil try to implement aftr 12th.......hope so.....or else its ur pigeon.u hv to bear me lyk dis........

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