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Best Idea is to implement the Good Idea

The title of the post seems simple and cute. I heard this beautiful line in the Art of Living course,which was one of the best courses I have attended in my life.I liked the line but didn't knew the beauty of it and took time to understand it. How did I understand its beauty??? I am a philosophical senti-singh kind of a guy(those who have read my previous blogs must be knowing it already).And so I love every aspect of philosophy and always keep searching for new philosophies and philosophers.Socrates was the first philosopher I read about and he is still the best for me.Soon as I experienced various things in my life i started creating my own philosophies and even use to happily say them to my friends,cousins, family and many more, and make therm feel better. Actually they felt better after hearing the same old philosophy in a new revised "SAM" version . Ek simple fact....all philosophies cover almost the same notion just from a different angle,perception and situatio