FLASH BACK 2010....highlights

2010 was one of the most memorable year of my life,as Sam-the learner (that's me) learnt a lot from this year.This blog is all about my past memories of this year which makes me happy and sometimes sad even.

Till the start of 2010 I hadnt accelerated my board preparation as I was busy preparing for JEE . After breaking down many times during the preparation of JEE and hearing a lot of inspiring words from my parents and teachers,I gained some confidence that I will atleast get reasonable rank and was happy with my hard-work.As I had promised my parents to get decent marks in the boards,I even worked hard on the boards and gave my best shot.

The JEE exam for which I had prepared for two long years blackening my eyes by working late till 3am and even had bunked school many a times.It didn't go well.The reason for it was that I got nervous and couldn't handle the pressure which had taken over my senses. I messed JEE and I felt that it was the biggest mistake of my life.With negligeble confidence,i appeared in all other exams.

The phase after exams and before the results was the phase where i learnt the most important lessons of my life . I satiated myself by saying that JEE wasn't the only thing in life man!!! Infact I was proud of myself that I didn't gave up it's preparation , atleast studied hard and enjoyd the two years.I always believed in efforts and not in results and so was strong enough to face my results which were not that bad.

JEE made me learn a lot of things in life so i am very thankful to it . Many people burn the paper which hurts them but i am a bit different, i keep the JEE paper with me and even get inspired from it.

Now the sad part gets over and my new life begins......though it was the sad part i still love those two years of JEE.

I entered DA-IICT,which is one of the best institutes of the country in the field of Computer Science.

I was highly satisfied with DA-IICT as it provides every thing that an IIT does.I enjoyed my life at DA-IICT and didn't even get a clue that the first semester had ended so quickly.I was even more happy with DA-IICT as I got to study only the things which I liked especially computer programming and stuff.
I even could fulfill my interests of cricket and football and much more.........

In short my LIFE"S GOOD.....as i wanted.

I believe in DESTINY but  that we ourselves construct our ways to reach our destiny......

Even today, when I hear about JEE it reminds me of those two years.......which taught me to face anything that comes in life...BRING IT ON!!!

Now,I feel it was good that I din't get selected in JEE...because if I had got selected then I surely wouldn't get the field I wanted..and surely wouldn't enjoy as much as I am enjoying now..... CHEERS TO 2010....and my happy life....

"Everything is prewritten and nothing can be rewritten....so live life king size and be happy...."


vivek goswami said…
"Now,I feel it was good that I din't get selected in JEE.." ..... same here

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