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FLASH BACK 2010....highlights

2010 was one of the most memorable year of my life,as Sam-the learner (that's me) learnt a lot from this year.This blog is all about my past memories of this year which makes me happy and sometimes sad even.
Till the start of 2010 I hadnt accelerated my board preparation as I was busy preparing for JEE . After breaking down many times during the preparation of JEE and hearing a lot of inspiring words from my parents and teachers,I gained some confidence that I will atleast get reasonable rank and was happy with my hard-work.As I had promised my parents to get decent marks in the boards,I even worked hard on the boards and gave my best shot.
The JEE exam for which I had prepared for two long years blackening my eyes by working late till 3am and even had bunked school many a times.It didn't go well.The reason for it was that I got nervous and couldn't handle the pressure which had taken over my senses. I messed JEE and I felt that it was the biggest mistake of my life.With neg…